CarTact Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy policy.

We value your privacy and would not release your data to anyone unless in situation which relates to the functionality of the App.

The data which we might release in relation to some App functions include your phone number and time of sending a message or a report. Functions which allow us to make your phone numbers public are those which you have control in opting to utilize. It includes:

  • Sending an alert to a car number in which we provide your phone number to all users who have registered that car number within your country.

  • Sending a report; In which we make your number public to indemnify ourselves from any consequences that might arise from your report

You can elect not to use any of the features that exposes your phone number

We do note provide any feature that allows public searches to reveal or expose your phone number.

We do not have any control over the accuracy or genuineness of reports and messages that our App users might want to send about a license vehicle plate number.

We have therefore placed certain precautions including a protest option to better manage abuse.

We would not be held responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise that might be incurred from your use of our App or arising as a result of the activities of the App including but not limited to activities of the App users.

We cannot regulate how users decide to utilize this App and hence cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Thanks for your interest in CarTact and we encourage you to use the App in exploring new positive possibilities.